Snorkeling and fresh sea food on our Catamaran Tours and Excursions Punta Cana - Bavaro Dominican Republic.
Couple with Catamaran Tour Punta Cana
Our tours can not be booked on any hotel desk or tour operator, when booking online directly with us there is no middleman which not only benefits our company, but foremost our customers will receive better service and a higher quality and variety of products offered on our catamarans will never be overcrowded.

At Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures we know that if we’re enjoying what we do you’ll enjoy our excursion, what most satisfies us is to have happy guests.
If you’ve had a chance to be part of the exciting Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures , you know about our commitment to our customers. Guests appreciate the personal attention they receive on our tours, we have remained a small operation in order to meet the individual needs of each person.

Since our specialty is weddings, family reunions, corporate events and other special occasions, we work hard to create memories that will last a lifetime. Punta Cana is our home and with us you’ll have an experience you will not get anywhere else.
Our Catamarans have been conditioned to maximize fun and comfort, plenty of space and easy access to water. When you book with Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures, your guests become our guests. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of our company.

Our snorkel equipment reflects our attention to details. We also ensure that customers are fitted with their proper mask and fins size. We’ve thought of everything to make sure your only job is to enjoy the tour.

Punta Cana - Bavaro is not the ideal location for sailing, all the Catamaran companies operate inside the
reef and at least 50% of the tour is under motor, for that reason the last two catamarans we have built are
motorized catamarans, perfect for the coast of Punta Cana - Bavaro and special designed for the area with the
newest to our fleet just build in June 2016. Don’t be fooled by offered 100% sailing tours.

See you at the beach!


The crew is well trained to do their jobs and ensure the safety of all participants. For our crew, customer satisfaction is the most important goal. Come with us and you’ll see that they will always be serving you with a welcoming smile.

Our fleet consist of four modern catamarans, Teresa, Santa Maria, Forever Teresa and Maite  which are fully equipped for highest guest satisfaction, safety and comfort.

Catamaran Teresa: This 34 foot sailing catamaran has just been launched in November 2016 and is perfect for smaller groups, private events and activities.

Catamaran Santa Maria: This is our 41 foot engine powered Catamaran designed and build  September 2013 specially for our company.

Catamaran Forever Teresa: The new addition to our fleet is a 60 foot engine powered Catamaran launched in February 2015 and also specially designed to our company's critical specifications.

Catamaran Maite: New Sailing Catamaran 39 feet just added to our fleet March 2016.

While our bigger catamaran "Santa Maria" has been design to carry 60 passengers but our
Semi-Private Tour will never accept more bookings than 25 people to ensure everybody gets his V.I.P. spot on the boat.

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Catamaran Tour Bavaro Team

Fernando Sanchez is the manager and owner of Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures, certified captain and an experienced sailor who has sailed around the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea extensively.

He began this great adventure in 2009 and is very proud of his business and his partners (staff).

He always says that everybody who works in the company is real people with a big heart.

The crew is well trained to do their jobs and ensure the safety of all participants. For our crew, customer satisfaction is the most important goal. Come with us and you’ll see that they will always be serving you with a welcoming smile.

Who is who 

Hispaniola Aquatic Adventure is the founder of Teresa's Kids D.R. and uses a portion of every excursion to make a difference in the lives of homeless children and dogs in the Dominican Republic. We believe we have to GIVE BACK to the country and communities which welcomed us with open arms and what would be better than helping the less fortunate, "Homeless Kids and Dogs". Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures assigns a portion of all income as donations to institutions that benefit the community and support homeless kids (Fundacion un mundo mejor).

So whenever you go on one of our tours you can feel proud that you are helping support this wonderful cause. If you feel you still want to do more to participate in our effort to make the world a better place, please contact us directly through our contact form.

Giving Back 
Our Crew & Fleet 
Catamaran Maite
Sailing Catamaran Maite snorkel tour bavaro
Catamaran Teresa
Catamaran Teresa snorkel tour bavaro
Catamaran Forever Teresa
Catamaran Forever Teresa snorkeling tour
Get ON and OFF our Catamarans, we have a special platform for easy access to get you on and off our catamarans,
you won't even get wet
Catamaran Santa Maria private charter snorkel bavaro tour
Catamaran Santa Maria
Catamaran Santa Maria private snorkel  charter bavaro tour